Vip Hair Colour Shampoo – Black & Brown


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  • 2,850.00
  • 2,850.00
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  • 3 in 1 product (Shampoo, Hair Colour, Conditioner)
  • Leaves no stains on skin
  • Pleasant fragrance & Tear free
  • Good results in 15 minutes
  • 99% Grey coverage
  • No gloves, No bowl and brush required
  • 5 in 1 use : On head, Hands, Chest, Beard, Moustache

Vip Hair Colour Shampoo

After spending all that money and time in the salon, you don’t need to see your hair tone go away just because you’ve washed it with a product that stripped you of your new clear tone. Using a color safe shampoo designed for dyed hair is essential to preserving its contemporary, vibrant and healthy appearance. Our specialists at the Magnificence Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute share why it’s so vital to use a special shampoo for dyed hair to keep that contemporary tone intact.

The product has a pleasant fragrance and has no tears. It is a natural product without ammonia. VIP hair color shampoo in Pakistan

This revolutionary product that gives you a fluid software experience, unlike typical hair dyes. It is available in a nice 2 in 1 container which makes the preparation of the suit comfortable for you. You can just apply it with bare arms. No gloves are needed and you might be surprised to see your arms, face and scalp without a little sign of hair color spots! VIP hair color shampoo in Pakistan

The VIP Three in 1 hair coloring shampoo is the magnificent result of 16 years of intensive analysis and evaluation by our specialists in trichology.

Common information about Vip Hair Color shampoo:

1- All people should look younger, however, the gray strands that go up to 40 years give them an aged appearance.

2- The standard method of hair dyeing is heavy and long.

3- So now, coloring the hair is easy and direct. Vcare Shampoo is enriched with a pure hair dye enhancer, Fo-ti, antiallergic and inexperienced tea.

4- It makes the product the best for normal use; In addition, it is completely free of ammonia.

How to use the Vip Hair Colour shampoo:

Wet your arms completely. Make sure your hair is completely dry, free of oil and mud. There are two different types of shampoos present in the container. Take the required amount of current shampoo from the container. Take the required amount of shampoo by pressing the nozzle on the wet arms urgently and mix well. Apply the combination evenly on your hair and massage the pinnacle completely. Wash your arms indoors Three minutes after contact with cleaning soap or hand wash. We wait 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair with enough water. VIP hair color shampoo in Pakistan

1- Without ammonia, without tears, beautiful fragrance

2- Three in one, shampoo, hair color, conditioner

3- It can be used with bare arms, enriched with pearl extract.

4- No spots available, face, scalp

5- pure black color

Why is my hair color fading?

“Each time you bathe, your hair loses a bit of shade,” says Sabina Wizemann, senior chemist at the GH Magnificence Lab. “As soon as the dyes in your hair are discovered in water and shampoo, they are re-solubilized and start to slip the fiber.” As for the tone that probably fades the most, redheads, we regret to say that this course is even earlier product for you. Pink hair dyes are the main ones that escape due to their size: they are made up of larger molecules and do not penetrate the hair shaft as deep as the different shades, says Wizemann. VIP Hair Colour Shampoo in Pakistan

How can I prevent discoloration of my complexion?

The only option to keep your shade 100% intact? In no case wash it and even wet it (of course, only water will remove the hair dye over time!). And while we help dry the shampoo as much as the next person in particular, not washing your hair is just not practical. You can minimize the frequency with which you wash your hair, however, using specially formulated products is the real method of gradually helping to fade. This is the place where dyed hair shampoos are available.

How do shampoos for dyed hair work?

Shampoos of any shape are designed to remove oil and dirt, while conditioners ensure your hair is easy to style when you leave the bathroom. The protective dye formulation uses the same basic methods, but also aims to reduce the amount of dye that is washed down the drain. VIP hair colour shampoo in Pakistan

How? ‘Or’ What? “Shampoos for dyed hair o

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